Jonathan, "Feminism has to become second nature"

Erik, "My utopia is social and emotional justice"

Thea, “There needs to be strong sanctions on instances of inequality”

Sara, “I grew up in a southern country, and there just seemed normal"

Philipp, "I think I never wanted to accept in my hierarchic surrounding"

Gwen, "In a restaurant kitchen you get sexist words thrown at you, yes that’s happening"

Mathjej & Patrik, "All discrimination comes from the same problem, your ego and stereotypes"

Karl, "Building a bridge rather than a wall works better for me"

Pauline, "All employers need a feminist agenda"

Brendan, "Men are trained to be less emotional"

Alice, "I was clearly the strongest person in the class"

Anastasia, "If you look at the figures, you can clearly see it"

Gemma, "By accepting jokes and language around you it’s becoming worse"

Lydia, "There should be such a policy"

Michael, "No, no, no, no"

Ali, "Mannen in leiding posities hebben beter relaties met vrouwen”

Tim, "We’re a part of the dutch society and everyone has the same morals and values"

The bureau is engaging in conversations on gender equality, agency and respect in order to actively contribute to a feminist agenda in Eindhoven (NL). Every Tuesday and Thursday during November 2017 Olle Lundin has been present in the exhibition space at Onomatopee to do interviews combined with further research on social theory related to queering practices, feminism, equality, economy and class. This will be combined with a field practice of auditive interviews through out the city. The exhibition space has been a base for conducting the research with all the facilities needed. When not in use by Lundin, the space has presented fragments from the interviews. The bureau is a research project that also encompasses documentation and strategic elements. The visual set-up of the project is drawing on the formal aspects of a standardized office and plays with notions of normalcy. The work continues.

Bureau Just is a part of the Sense & Sensibility exhibition at Onomatopee